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Andrew Furst writes on Sunday, September 3, 2000



I WONDER at the description of Mr. Justice Grey's "notorious" judgment. After all, you sued Prof. Lipstadt, not vice versa, how has the umpire's decision become notorious? I see letters and articles about Karski, Pollard, Wittgenstein, Kasztner, Gutnick, rabbi Yosef, how Lieberman was excommunicated by a rabbi, that there has never been a suggestion that the gaschamber at Auschwitz was anything but a reconstruction.

Have you put yourself at the head of an antisemitic catalogue? What is this all about? I believe you do not dispute the reality of the Holocaust. On pp. 630-2 of your Hitler's War [first edition, 1977] you quote Himmler's speeches that leave no doubt, "that he Himmler, had decided to murder Jewish women and children as well as adult males". Your comment:

"In Auschwitz, the defunct paraphernalia of death -- idle since late 1943- began to clank again as the first trainloads from Hungary arrived".

As you can see I have read your book and formed a very high opinion of your scholarship. But that was before you seem to have become obssessed with details whether Hitler ordered the Holocaust and whether gas was used.

No doubt you would be more conversant with Commandant of Auschwitz by Rudolph Hoess and Into that Darkness by Gitta Sereny, than I am. Until documents are found it may be arguable if Hitler gave the order for the destruction of European Jewry.

But to argue the existence of gaschambers in view of the availability of source material is the height of folly and I very much regret you have taken this attitude. Why can't you believe, that Belzec, Sobibor and Treblinka were human abattoirs with no other purpose to their existence at all, while in gigantic Auschwitz-Birkenau a killing factory was set up by Hoess?

You have made a great mistake and I wish for the sake of your reputation as a historian to revise your revision of reality.

Andrew Furst


David Irving replies:

Thank you for your interesting letter. You appear obsessed with anti-Semitism, not I. Did you not notice the Churchill biography, Churchill's War, vol. ii on the same page? You appear to pick only on those things you want to comment on.

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