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David Gehrig of the USA, shares his hatreds with us in a letter on Monday, June 10, 2002



Good news for the Jews

IF you are in fact unable to determine whether or not Joel Rosenberg is Jewish, then your research skills are not all that distant from the assessment of same from the delightful Professor Evans.

But your response to Joel contained even cheerier news -- that you were going to continue to fight! Lipstadt

How happy I am to hear it! So far, your ill-considered libel suit against Prof Lipstadt (above) has cost you your reputation, your home, and your ability to be identified in a crowd without being sniggered at. I am particularly sorry about that egg on the day the verdict was read -- it was after all a perfectly innocent egg and had done nothing to deserve coming in contact with you.

Three truly wonderful books demolishing Holocaust denial have been published, two of them full of material gathered at -- literally -- your expense. The van Pelt book is particularly nice. Thank you so much for underwriting it.

But now you promise that the self-inflicted wound will go yet deeper! If your plans became any more self- destructive, I'd suggest that you missed your calling as a kamikaze pilot.

David Gehrig


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