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Posted Thursday, September 11, 2003

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David Gehrig, a Jew, remarks on what he imagines are Mr Irving's multifarious misfortunes



"How awful for you, Mr Irving"

I NOTICE that your attempt to sweep away your final defeat in the Lipstadt/Penguin process has failed, and that you have been forced to issue one of those sabre-rattling St.Crispin's Day stump speeches that so dazzle the weaselry you beg from. It's rare to see, even among those as essentially duplicitous as you, such a circuitous circumlocution evading such a simple fact: you came, you saw, you were pounded into paste.

This is, naturally, what I predicted the outcome would be when you first announced that your bones had not yet been ground finely enough.

And, lo, it has come to pass. "We shall see," you said; I laughed when I saw that, and I laugh again to see it now. The baseball coach Yogi Berra once famously said, "The opera ain't over until the fat lady sings." As it happens, I'm neither fat nor a lady, but your opera is over and I am singing arias of delight at how completely you've managed to destroy yourself. It's for times like this that Lewis Carroll coined the word "chortle."

I understand that Dr. Edward Teller's first words upon arriving in Hell were, "Now, which of you is David Irving?" Obviously, I hope the inevitable day in which you can continue your Teller interview is postponed as long as possible.

David Gehrig


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An anti-semite is somebody to whom the Jewish community have taken a dislike.

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