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Micky Goldfarb comes to the defence of concentration camp commandant Saloman Morel, Wednesday, June 18, 2003



Morel was my cousin

SALOMAN MOREL is my cousin. He is a very elderly man. He lost his whole immediate family in the Holocaust, and was made Commandant of this camp when he was only 26 years old. I do not believe that he is a mass-murderer.

If he treated the inmates harshly, I think it would be understandable considering what he had undergone and seen with his own eyes -- the crimes perpetrated by the Germans and Poles during World War II.

I think that people should leave him alone, and concentrate on the real "mass-murderers" who have been released from serving their prison terms, or who were never brought to trial. There are enough Nazis and Nazi-sympathisers still living in freedom in this world who still need to be dealt with.

Micky Goldfarb


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Irving David Irving replies:

THANK you for your sympathetic letter, which I will bring to my readers' attention. I do not however think it would have availed the SS Totenkopf men who guarded the Nazi camps very much, if they had pleaded their youth at the time as their only defence.

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