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NO STORY has yet attracted so much mail as the revelation that the Google search engine is being nobbled. To protect our correspondents from the nobblers, we have withheld their identities (Monday, October 28, 2002)



Who has hijacked Google?

LetterMORE evidence that Google is actively promoting a partisan viewpoint: in its "categorization"* Google puts the revisionist sites, including yours, under "Society > Issues > Race-Ethnic-Religious Relations > Holocaust Denial". Revisionist sites are variously described as "Web site of disgraced British Holocaust denier", "world's leading Holocaust denial organisation", "Holocaust denier's web site", "Web site of the American denier", "Web site of German denier", "Holocaust denial web site", and so on, ad nauseam.

For good neasure they even include under this same category of "Holocaust denial" Norman Finkelstein's site on "The Holocaust Industry". It seems that old Norman has also been promoted to "denier"...

* Search under your name and click the "category" line on the first result to see the various descriptions that Google searches will bring along.

Letter FOLLOWING your link to the BBC article regarding's un-stated policy of censorship and to the letter you published from "C", I find this descriptor when I searched for "Wiesenthal:"

"Description: A 400,000 member strong international center for Holocaust remembrance, the defense of human rights,..."

WHO writes these blasted things? [see below]


LetterI AM PROBABLY not offering you anything you didn't know already but the "Who's behind Google" link in Google's corporate history offers interesting insights. Call me paranoid, but that list of managers, directors and advisers reads suspiciously like a Tel Aviv phonebook.


Letter IT is interesting to see how Google categorizes the American terrorist organization JDL [Jewish Defense League]:

"An Israeli-American group, presenting editorials on anti-semitism and against racially conscious Euro-Americans"


LetterALSO - I don't know if you are aware, but the Cleveland newspaper Free Times was mysteriously bought and closed down in early October after publishing a series of "Letters to the Editor" critical of Israeli world politics - this happened with lightening speed and was totally "out of the blue", as it were.


Letter MANY of the annotations for websites in Google (writes one of our correspondents) are actually gleaned from the Open Directory Project:

"The Open Directory powers the core directory services for the Web's largest and most popular search engines and portals, including Netscape Search, AOL Search, Google, Lycos, HotBot, DirectHit, and hundreds of others."

And, as you can see from their "About" page, just about anyone can become an editor for ODP:

"Signing up is easy: choose a topic you know something about and join. Editing categories is a snap. We have a comprehensive set of tools for adding, deleting, and updating links in seconds. For just a few minutes of your time you can help make the Web a better place, and be recognized as an expert on your chosen topic."

Seems to me that someone who doesn't like you very much has been allowed to write the annotation for the Focal Point website, as well as the other revisionist sites.

Letter THE ANSWER to the question, "Who wrote those offensive Open Directory Project annotations?" can be seen at the bottom of this ODP page:

"Category editors: mashimaro, jamiemccarthy"

Click on their names to see who they are. I believe you've already had the "pleasure" of dealing with Jamie McCarthy for many years. He wrote a "pamphlet" about you. The other chap, Anthony Long, recently wrote an article, "Forgetting the Führer: The Recent History of the Holocaust Denial Movement in Germany," in the Australian Journal of Politics and History, vol. 48 (2002): 72-84.

IrvingDavid Irving comments:

YES, McCarthy was once well known to Real Historians; long funded by ADL front organisations, he will have picked up more than a few pieces of silver from the Traditional Enemy for this latest smear effort. "Get a life, Jamie," I once wrote him. Do something useful.
   In the long run his latest effort is of course self-defeating: thousands if not tens of thousands of students around the world are already being set papers to write on Holocaust Denial (I know that from the e-mails they send me, seeking assistance.) If they use Google to search for those two words, just see whose websites they will now find...! Not the brightest pennies in the pocket, these enemies.

Who has hijacked Google? (continued)

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A postscript on Internet freedom, Sunday, March 7, 2004: Harvard researchers Jonathan Zittrain and Benjamin Edelman have established that the California based search-engine will find all 8,000 pages of this website, but that the German and French equivalents and find none. The lesson for our friends in those two countries: always specify -- you never know what you're missing.

Worshipping hatred

Los Angeles Times


SO Google, which always prided itself on being one of the few search engines which was entirely objective and incorruptible -- it boasted that it would not take bribes in any form to bring particular sites like Nizkor to the top of a search list -- has slithered into the greasy hands of the traditional enemies. It will soon be time for us to start examining the names and affiliations of those who manage and control the Google empire. It used to be just two computer propellor-heads, entirely incorruptible, based so I was told in Stanford, California.
   One wonders who can possibly have an interest in dismissing me as a disgraced Holocaust denier, when I have not written a single book or article on that most dreary of all subjects. My website is already rated in the world's top 40,000, and won an award as one of the top fifty historical websites. I wonder who I can possibly be upsetting with its content.


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