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Joe H describes how the Australian security police have just raided him and accused him of consorting with David Irving, Thursday, July 10, 2003


Doing their duty: Australia's secret police

THANK you for your Newsletter which I received yesterday in the mail. As always it inspires me with your efforts to fight for Historical Truth. I was initially writing to you concerning some tips on research method as I plan with a colleague in Croatia to write a history on the Volksdeutsche in Croatia from 1941-45, but due to recent events I must leave it for a later date.

Yesterday, the 'Special Action Squad" section of the New South Wales police force acting on behalf of ASIO, the Australian equivalent of MI5, visited my home at 8:30 AM to question me about being a possible terrorist.

Here too the Government has overreacted to the "International" Terrorist threat since September 11, 2001. It has enacted laws to "combat Terrorism" . It has created a 24-Hour National Security Hotline, on which anyone can report anyone they suspect. ASIO has been given now special powers of arrest -- the ordinary man in the street can be detained without trial or put under surveillance if deemed to be a threat to "Democracy".

Anyhow, yesterday morning my mother greeted two Detectives, one a Black male and the other a female in civilian attire, wanting to speak to me.

My mother is distrustful of the Police, due to her experiences with the Secret Police in Tito's Yugoslavia; she told them nothing and said that I didn't live here. They left a card with a detective's name on it for me to contact them urgently.

Later that day I did call him and he asked the usual questions about my Political convictions, activities and other info they wanted to know.

The questions he asked were stupid and the same old stuff they usually ask of "radicals". He tried to catch me out, by repeating questions out of the blue but it didn't work. Apparently, someone close to me had reported me.

He asked me about my association with figures in the Australian Radical Right Scene and how I knew them.


THEN they brought your name up as being considered a dangerous person, a threat to Australian Security; he mentioned the knowledge that I met you in 1986 [see below] and have been an active supporter and of yours over the years.

I didn't deny it and explained my passion for History, as I do hold a MA in German History etc. and wanted the true facts of WW2 to be allowed to discussed and the propaganda demolished.

He called you a "Rabid Neo-Nazi Anti-Semite" and a "bullshit" historian -- this is coming from a Black cop whose ignorance of what "Radical Politics" is, or what even National Socialism was, was astounding.

He told me he did a course at university on "Neo-Nazism" run by Prof. Konrad Kwiet, which explained everything. He then brought up my late Father's membership of the Waffen-SS and my mother's late brother who was an Ustasha Officer, and I replied in an angry tone, So what?

My dad joined the SS in February, 1945 when he was only sixteen years old; my late uncle fought the Cetniks of Mihailovic and partisans of Tito from 1941 till 1945; he was murdered by Tito's Bandits after May 8, 1945.

This whole thing is unbelievable.

Here Down Under, democracy is only a word in the dictionary. What also concerns me, is that I'm unable to view your Website and many other so called "politically incorrect" Websites and my internet provider always denies there is a problem.

Joe H [name known to us but withheld]

P. S. -- I have changed my surname. . . because that's my real family name as my Father changed it in 1948, before he came out here from Germany.


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IrvingDavid Irving comments:

A few facts: It is rubbish to state that the ASIO considers me a security risk; I saw under legal rules the ASIO report on me which was furnished to Prime Minister Keating in 1992/3, and this confirmed that the Australian security authorities (particularly the ASIO) gave me a clean bill. I have not even had a parking ticket in that great country. As for Professor Konrad Kwiet of New South Wales [he can be reached at 13 Bennet Street, Bondi, New South Wales 2026] he is the German-born "academic" who first alerted the Australia Jewish community in August 1992 to the fact that I would be touring the country and lecturing, and he urged them to put pressure on Canberra to refuse me a visa

As I change the surname of this correspondent, Joe H, in my file I note that the file records that he met me at my Sydney talk in 1986, he wrote to me on April 13, 1987 and again in August 1989 at which time he was just completing his MA in History, and again in January 1993; and that he faxed to me various clippings from Sydney newspapers, and other details.

So it seems somebody has illegally hacked into my files. I recall that in London last year even that staid newspaper and bastion of liberal democracy The Observer had obtained precise details of my major investors, including the amounts that some had invested in our publishing operations. Yes, the great, great democracies.


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