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This email from an angry presumably Asian librarian Lakshmi Banner in Bradford. Focal Point Publications had mailed a flier on David Irving's latest Churchill biography to every college library in the UK.





I WOULD appreciate it if you did not send any promotional material to this college. We are proud to be a multiracial organisation supporting a diverse community of students and staff, and have no place for material by an author who has been proved in court to be an "apologist for Hitler".

Many thanks,

Lakshmi Banner

Subject Librarian
General and Adult Education
Grove Library
Bradford College
Gt. Horton Road, Bradford BD7 1AY
phone: 01274 75 3114


I HAVE been shown your interesting letter. Are you trying to dictate what materials future librarians, long after you have left the college, will receive? It is out of our hands anyway, as the library mailing list is compiled by a commercial organisation which is neutral (as are we ourselves); it is the bigots like yourself who promote racism in my country, don't you agree? Bradford does not belong to you, nor does the education of its English citizens.


UK children






Picture: England, 2001:
Schoolchildren in a Midlands city

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