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Ronnie Nilsson of Los Angeles, USA, writes Wednesday, October 25, 2000



Prof. Finkelstein's dilemma

SINCE Mr. Finkelstein is nice to you in The Holocaust Industry I can understand your need to depict him as a sort of ideological liaison. But really -- putting copyrighted material online?

Without his permission? In private correspondence he denied any connection with you, and said his publishers are fighting the issue.

Perhaps you have a fondness for legal battles. I suggest trusting your own theses instead of implicating Mr.Finkelstein in your so called campaign for "real history".


R P E Nilsson


WE are happy to affirm that Professor Norman Finkelstein reached his conclusions about The Holocaust Industry entirely without any collaboration from us. We are not in cahoots. There is no connection. No global conspiracy here. He evidently has a clear-thinking and independent brain -- just the kind of person that the Nilsson's of this world detest. They want everybody to be venal and corrupt; they like it when people are available at the drop of a Six Million Dollar hat by Mr Steven Spielberg and his elk, oops: ilk. As for posting his copyright material. This is presumably a reference to Finkelstein's book. We have not posted it on line, but we know where it can be found . All great scholars like Finkelstein have recognised the value of the Internet in reaching out far beyond the glass-fronted showcases of Barnes & Noble and even their Internet marketplaces.

See Norman G. Finkelsteins Website at:

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