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Peter Melbourne writes from Victoria, Australia on Tuesday, June 11, 2002 to tell us what he knows about "Peter Stahl"



Another Peter Stahl alias

I ALSO heard that "Gregory Douglas" goes under the name of Aaron L. Johnson. The person under that name recently authored the book Hitler's Headquarters - Organisation, Structure, Security and Personal, a Roger Bender publication.

Hugh Page Taylor lives a suburb away from me and I've asked him a few times about Douglas but he remains very noncommittal. I believe he must find it hard that his friend Roger James Bender [publisher of the counterfeit Gestapo-Müller Interrogations] has been "sucked in" by Douglas.

No doubt you're aware that Werner Maser [German professor, historian] uses Douglas as a source in his biography on Hermann Göring. Again, one would think that Maser would know better.

Your story about the civil servant signing Adolf Hitler's signature on a number of documents no doubt came from Johannes Göhler [adjutant of SS Brigadeführer Hermann Fegelein]. I met Hannes Göhler a few weeks ago whilst in Germany for a visit. He owns a geniune document with Hitler's signature on it. He made sure the Führer signed it in his presence.

Peter Melbourne

[Full name of this correspondent is known to us but withheld at his request].

Peter Stahl dossier

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Irving David Irving replies:

YES, my source was Johannes Göhler. He provided me in the 1970s with a sheaf of letters which he wrote to his wife from Hitler's HQ during the war years, a vital source of information in my biography Hitler's War. I am hoping to peresuade him to speak one day at our annual Cincinnati Real History convention. The Göhlers jointly gave me information on the location of the still unretrieved Hitler/Eva Braun corresopoindence and diaries, which were seized by CIC agent Robert Gutierrez in 1945. I shall shortly post my entire file on the latter mystery.
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