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Posted Thursday, November 13, 2003

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Terry Peterson, an undergraduate from Kansas, remarks on Mr Irving's qualities, Wednesday, November 12, 2003




Letter to a crackpot

I AM an undergraduate student majoring in Nazi-era German history. I would like to let you know that after a considerable amount of research, and reading some of your material, I have arrived at this conclusion: You are a crackpot.

Not only a crackpot, but a neo-Nazi and a fascist sympathizer. I hope you rot in Hell like the Nazi assholes you admire. Your form of history is broken and bastardized, I only hope most other potential historians realize this.

[Postscript, Thursday, November 13, 2003 (we have corrected spelling errors):]

I realized that I had not left any correspondence information, how very rude of me. I am an American; it seems that people in the nation who produced your most ardent supporters during the Lipstadt trial are now realizing what crap your work is. Also, pertaining to the animation you have posted under my letter: I am not Jewish. I have been from birth and always will be Catholic. Try and misquote that to fit your Nazi propaganda. Sincerely, Terrence Peterson, 1335 Louisiana St #202 Lawrence, KS 66044-3493 United States of America

Terry Peterson
1335 Louisiana St #202
KS 66044-3493 USA

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