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David Gress writes from Copenhagen, Denmark,on Saturday, January 8, 2000:



Who is Funding Professor Lipstadt's Defence? No Surprises

... THIS is to confirm that I will interview you next Friday the fourteenth for the Danish newspaper Politiken, on the subject of your trial and your work in general.

I learned something the other day which may be of interest to you. A person connected to the American Jewish Committee (which is financing the defense in your case) told me that the Committee is very confident that Lipstadt will win.

He could or would not elaborate on what that meant, except to relate to me that an employee of the Committee had told him that they had tapes of some of your talks which are sold by Ernst Zündel in Toronto, implying that these tapes supported their case and that they planned to use them as evidence.

David Gress

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 David Irving replies:

 THIS message is no surprise on either count. The multi-million dollar defence strategy is clear: to complete the slime-bath originally begun by Deborah Lipstadt -- on instructions from Jerusalem, as the documents in the case make clear. Unable to win on the "Holocaust" issues, they have decided to go the whole hog on destroying my legitimacy as an historian. We shall see. It is a dangerous tactic: each tape the intend to rely upon, I shall ask to be played to the Court in full...
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