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Malcolm Bush reports on more British attempts to censor this website October 16, 2002


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I HAVE to report that your website is totally blocked on the Kent County Council's computers for public use in all libraries in Kent [southern England]. Reason given on screen: "Blocked under Racism/Hate"

However, searching on your name brought up the [Jewish- and ADL-financed] Nikzor site, and a brief look at some of their links found some really offensive material. I wonder why these are not blocked for reasons of "hate"? These computers are paid for by ratepayers in Kent of course. The enemy has been at work!

You have an excellent site, please keep up the good work

Malcolm Bush


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THIS kind of thing does not disturb me, as the bigots never win in the long run. The average student, finding he is bared by Authority from reading something, will go home and findsome other way to access the forbidden fruit. I just hope he does not find it too jejeune when he does eventually get there.
   The last time I idly tested it, this site could still be accessed by readers in other libraries like the Public Record Office and Westminster City.

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