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Eric Wiley of Los Angeles, USA, writes Wednesday, August 15, 2001



Wiesenthal Center: the latest lies

I WAS at the Wiesenthal Center (Museum of Tolerance) in Los Angeles about a week ago. We were lured into an underground faux-gas chamber with promises and threats, and shown a photograph, blown up to wall size, of the crematorium at Auschwitz, with a smoke plume billowing out of the chimney.

The kapo pointed to the plume and flatly stated that it was from the cremated bodies of the persons gassed in the same structure (gasps from the audience). It was not the same smoke plume photo that has already been busted as a fake. Looks like they have a new smoke plume.

We were shown a bed from Majdanek (supposedly), without bedding, which fact was pointed out to us. We were told Jews did not get bedding. A cursory examination of the bed showed it had been made to accept a mattress.

All camp literature I have read describes bedding - sometimes quite primitive, but always present - in the camps. The museum also featured a mock audio 'recording' of the Wannsee Conference, in which Himmler and the boys explicitly plan the Holocaust. BTW, the original of Wiesenthal's 'Three Men' fake is still on display, with another ink drawing by the Great Man.

Eric Wiley

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Website note: The photo above is a "staged" US Signal Corps photo of prisoners found at Buchenwald camp.

On Sunday, August 19, 2001 we are informed that the faked photo has suddenly been removed by the Simon Wiesenthal Center. "I guess now they will say that you faked the picture. I wonder how long it took?" writes Tim Baran of Buffalo, New York.


ONE would like to say that Simon Wiesenthal, who is paid a small fortune every year by the SWC for the right to use his name, is not aware of these ongoing lies. However he is as guilty as anybody: the "Three Men" fake referred to is one of his most blatant forgeries. The jacket illustration of his memoirs shows three concentrated camp prisoners inpajama-striped suits strapped to posts being shot by a firing squad. It is in fact a crudely retouched (and well-known) US Signal Corps photo of three young German soldiers captured wearing US uniforms in the Battle of the Ardennes, being executed at Christmas 1944 by the American army.

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