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Posted Saturday, November 1, 2003

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E-H. Schwacke of South Africa adds to our knowledge on the Jewish assassins of the Tsar's family



Balthasar's Feast and the Tsar's death

LOOKING forward to your USA trip. (I sat in on your meetings in Wartburg and at a Durban Hotel)

According to a previous sub editor, Benson, of our Sunday Times, Yakov Sverdlov was the leading Jew in Moscow, who ordered the Tsar and his family to be executed in Ekaterinburg, named Sverdlovsk after the revolution had succeeded. Ekaterinburg was retaken by the "White Russians" and, according to Mr. Benson's write up on the event, an English reporter found chalked on the wall of the execution chamber the words in German:

Belsatsar aber ward in selbiger Nacht | Von seinen Knechten umgebracht

Those are words from Heinrich Heine's poem: Belsazar


E-H. Schwacke


Outrage in Berlin Conservative German politician claims Jews are "a Race of Perpetrators" (BBC website illustration of story >)

An anti-semite is somebody to whom the Jewish community have take a dislike.

worshipping hatred

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