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Posted Thursday, September 18, 2003

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Curt Selak dislikes Mr Irving's tone in responding to a Jewish reprobate




"...unlike your fellow religionists whose greed is legendary and (in my view) the cause of most of their misfortunes in history." (Letter)

THE guy's hassling you, that's perfectly clear, but you ought to remember that Judaism is something that persons are born into and nothing about it requires any of us to carry on like persons whose behaviour is selfish, or greedy, or bad, simply because the persons in question are "fellow religionists".

There's still quite a lot of bigotry around, and even those of us who aren't particularly religious or particularly involved in civic affairs often are nonetheless forthcoming about our ancestry, or about our confession, as history tends to demonstrate that acting otherwise ultimately results in discrimination being more rather than less difficult to avoid, let alone confront.

Why didn't you just take his e-mail at its face value (that is to say, address his use of imprecations and ignore his opinions which latter you've probably heard on at least several occasions) instead of letting him get you wound up?

Curt Selak


Gary Redish: Next home: A cardboard box in The Strand"



YES, those are good and valid points. The argument I was trying to make -- and evidently failed to convey -- is that when the next great tragedy comes, it will not be those who have profited most from their villainies who suffer, but the ordinary innocent Jews, once again.

It will not be the Abraham Foxmans, Lawrence Eagleburgers, Neal Shers, the Bronfmans and the rest of that malodorous heap who find themselves lined up on the edge of history's metaphorical tank ditch, waiting for the bullet, but the ordinary nice kind of Jews that you and I know and whose company we have always enjoyed.

The mobsters will have escaped in good time, flinging their ill-gotten loot out of the window ahead of them, depositing it in the banks of some other country willing to accept them and to listen to their whiney sob-stories, even as the grass is already beginning to grow over the graves of their fellows, the innocents, who will not have deserved this fate at all.

That is how it has been throughout history. Eventually, the innocents must look in History's mirror, and reflect, and they may even decide it is time to put their own house in order. We non-Jews cannot do so, because if we do we will be accused of anti-Semitism. I write these words out of a genuine desire to help you and your people avoid future tragedies.

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