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Letters to David Irving on this Website


Unless correspondents ask us not to, this Website will post selected letters that it receives, and invite open debate.

Glennon W. Simmons disagrees with Mr Irving's remarks on US troops in Afghanistan, Thursday, April 29, 2004


Professional American servicemen

I HAVE served in the military so I know how professional my countrymen in uniform are. I am confident that every effort is made to spare innocent lives.


I hate war. I feel that there is little that justifies it. However, I feel that 3,000 innocent Americans losing their lives on 9/11 is enough to justify our actions in Afghanistan.

AC130 Spectre gunshipThe AC-130 gunship gave the terrorists as little chance as the people in the Twin Towers had, which is none. I hope that the enemies of the US are able to see videos like this and realize that they have no chance, and we will not leave them alive if they make war on us, and that there is no where they can hide.

I sleep well at night knowing that our enemies perish so that I can live peacefully in my quiet neighborhood, safe and comfortable. That being said.

War is hell. Enemies die. I'm sorry to inform you that freedom isn't free. What psychopathic monsters, what further Maryland snipers, are the mindless United States military unleashing on their own civilian population when killers like these are released from the service. The only one mindless here is you.

Glennon W. Simmons


And you thought the Afghan war was over? Spine chilling video of a AC-130 Spectre gunship in action against human targets in an Afghan village

David Irving

David Irving comments:

A LESSON in normal justice, which is partly what World War II was about:

First you have to establish who are probably guilty; then you have to put them on trial to give them a chance to establish their innocence; if they can't, and you can additionally prove their guilt, then -- and only then -- you punish. The United States is making itself the criminal of the world by standing this order of things on its head. Might is not always right.

Incidentally, and notwithstanding all the noise to the contrary, I have so far seen no evidence whatever linking al-Qaeda to the events of Sept 11. I may have been sleeping, or blinked, and missed it, but I don't think so.

In my view the attack of Sept 11, 2001 was what would be called a punitive action by infuriated Arabs against the men of Wall Street and the Pentagon. Those two organs are not "the United States," but a small part of it.

Do not be misled by those who say Mohammed Atta et al. were attacking the United States. If they had wished to attack Americans there were more symbolic targets of attack (the Statue of Liberty, for one); and more cost-effective methods, e.g. they could have sent their nineteen kamikaze warriors to nineteen American shopping malls with anthrax, or with belts of high explosive.

As it was, this 2001 Pearl Harbor (or Port Arthur, if you're a historian) by nineteen intrepid young Arabs brought down all seven buildings of the World Trade Center, ruined three major airlines, and their deed has since then turned most of the civilized world against Washington, -- and damn near brought down the US economy too: Time will tell.


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