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Abu Graib prison, where the incidents occurred



Robert Fisk on Abu Graib prison

The name "Karpinski" appears in eight different databases of Jewish surnames


A correspondent takes issue with Glennon W. Simmons blanket praise for US troops, Thursday, April 29, 2004


"Professional American servicemen" - a response

Your correspondent Glennon Simmons says "I have served in the military so I know how professional my countrymen in uniform are." I wonder if he was watching TV last night?

Just last night the CBS newsmagazine "60 Minutes II" (the Wednesday-night incarnation of their long-running "60 Minutes") ran a shocking segment [ Video link] on the routine abuse and humiliation of Iraqi prisoners by U.S. troops.

They showed dozens of awful photos, all taken [in January 2004] by soldiers, of Iraqi men stripped buck naked and made to pose in every manner of sexually-suggestive positions -- many simulating homosexual acts. The photos were so graphic that major portions of them had to be "pixelated" to disguise the prisoners' genitalia. Also prominent in the photos were smiling, laughing American soldiers, including women, all in their desert camo uniforms.

It was pretty damned disgusting. There were also photos of a hooded prisoner made to stand on a wooden box with wires -- which he was told were electrodes -- attached to his fingers (and perhaps elsewhere -- I couldn't tell). There was a gut-wrenching close-up of what looked to be a man recently beaten to death.

Six of the soldiers involved are facing court martial. If I remember correctly, the lady general in command of the Iraqi prisons [Brigadier General Janice Karpinski] is also facing some sort of disciplinary action that will end her glorious military career.

Dan Rather, the narrator, explained that CBS had got the photos about a month ago, but sat on the story at the request of the Pentagon. When it became clear that other media outlets were hot on the trail, CBS decided to go ahead and broadcast the story.

[Name witheld by this website]


And you thought the Afghan war was over? Spine chilling video of a AC-130 Spectre gunship in action against human targets in an Afghan village
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