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Peter Sinclair writes from Bedfordshire, Wednesday, October 16, 2002



Boycott News: Waterstone's starts censoring history?

AS IT was my birthday not so long ago my family gave me some book vouchers. It was my intention to encourage Waterstones in Milton Keynes to stock some of your books so I ordered your latest book Hitler's War four weeks ago.

clickHaving heard nothing from them I enquired yesterday what was happening with the order and was told that owing to the recent judgment made against you, they would no longer sell your books.

I think this is despicable and I will no longer buy any books from them.

Peter Sinclair


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TIM Waterstone, founder of the famous group of bookstores, once assured me in a private letter that he would never condone anby kind of censorship in his stores. Then came the takeover, and most of the History Departments are now manned by ring-in-the-nose Marxist yobbos. As Mr Sinclair points out, there is no obligation to shop at Waterstone's when W H Smith can provide a more reliable book ordering service.

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