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David Stone writes on Wednesday, January 12, 2000


Wednesday, January 12, 2000

Sheer Stupidity

Mr. Irving,

It is amazing that someone who is a very knowledgeable historian on Hitler and his cronies can conclude that systematic genocide of European Jewry was not directed from the top down in Nazi Germany. I am quite amused at your sheer stupidity, Mr. Irving, for investing so much time as a "real historian," yet failing to see the massive scale and organized killing that Hitler propagated.

Do you really think that the absence of signed documents from Hitler refutes the millions of Jews that were murdered (including inside gas chambers at Auschwitz). Would you sign such documents? You have a fantastic ability to take little nuggets of information that appear to contradict mainstream history and attempt to discredit the entire holocaust based on these nuggets. It's shameless and would be hilarious if it wasn't concerned with genocide.

I have also noticed your pathetic cries for free speech that you believe your critics are trying to stifle .... well, it appears you are a man of contradictions through your attempts to stifle free speech in your recent and very lame lawsuit. I'm amused that you cannot take professional criticism (not libel) Mr. Irving.

Did you think people would adorn you with flowers for your blatant admiration and defense of history's worst criminal? Do history a favor and stick to facts and not our perverted opinions on holocaust history.


David Stone
Dept. of Environmental and Molecular Toxicology
Oregon State University

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Shane Vincent asks (Thursday, January 27, 2000) "I was wondering why you think that David Stone is a member of the faculty (and holds a Doctoral level degree) at the University of Oregon. I looked at their faculty page for the department of Environmental and Molecular Toxicology (http://www.ehsc.orst.edu/emt/faculty.htm) and could not find him listed."

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