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Posted Wednesday, December 17, 2003

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Reuben M. Vabner says (Wednesday, December 17, 2003) he wants to 'kill all the Jews once and for all'




Reuben Vabner says he wants to "kill all the Jews once and for all"

YOU are such a hero to me!! I read the entire Irving v. Lipstadt transcript via the Nizkor website.

I was so impressed with you!! The little racist ditties you taught your daughter, your fulminations about Black Men wearing Cricket whites and playing the game in the U.K., your rage about the Pakistani fellow checking your passport at Heathrow - fabulous!! and that is without getting into ANY of your substantive academic distortions.

You such a wonderful little Hitler groupie and those wonderful speeches you give to all the Latvian, Lithuanian, Ukrainian émigrés in Canada, Australia, etc. are such a breath of fresh air.

Do you think if we all join together and work hard on your program, we will be able to kill all the Jews once and for all and stop their devious programme of world domination? I pray so and would do anything to help. Please let me know what I can do.

With Complete Respect and Awe,

Reuben M. Vabner
Aryan League
New York State Division



N:Vabner; Reuben;


FN:Reuben M. Vabner





269 Broadway, Apt. 5C;Dobbs Ferry;New York;10522


269 Broadway, Apt. 5CADobbs Ferry, New York 10522






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