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Paul Vuksanovich writes on Saturday, February 19, 2000:


Saturday, February 19, 2000

Main Kampf and Henry Ford yes, Irving no.

Could you please explain to me why it is your books are suppressed, and vilified -- yet by simply going to Amazon.com one can readily buy MEIN KAMPF by Adolf Hitler in several different editions ( including one with photographs by D. Leventhall and edited by R. Rosenblatt)?

I myself am not an admirer of Hitler for any reason. Irregardless of the Jewish question, I cannot imagine anything more terrible, stupid, and utterly mindless than to live in a world dominated by his ridiculous Nazi ideology. Thank God he was crushed and defeated. That being said, I find it extremely disturbing that I as an objectively-minded, neutral observer of the history of World War II, I should be told by powerful special-interest groups that I should NOT be allowed to hear your opinion.

I would like to make that assessment for myself. This leads me to my next question regarding MEIN KAMPF and Amazon.com. Just before I sent you this note, I looked up the name Henry Ford on their search engine. Much to my amazement, they have available for sale the most malicious and famous anti-Semitic tract ever written: Henry Ford's THE INTERNATIONAL JEW. It is in a paperback edition for only $10.00!

I simply cannot understand the extraordinary double standard that allows these two books, which are the pre-eminent anti-Semitic works of the century -- that paved the road to the genocide of European Jews, and which continue to foster Jew-hatred around the world -- to be sold by the largest book retailer in the world today, with not a single glimmer of protest.

Yet the Jewish community wants book publishers and sellers to ban you! Perhaps Deborah Lipstadt could explain this.  

Paul Vuksanovich

[return e-mail address withheld at the correspondent's request]

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