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Clint Willson writes on May 26, 2000 from Vernon Hills, Illinois, USA:



The "evil" Irving biography of Hitler

AS regards the Salt Lake City article on holocaust role-playing, you should be aware that this technique has been common in the American public school system since the 1980s.

A close friend of mine, who happens to be Volksdeutsch, had his two sons go through it recently. The class involved had a very high proportion of German, Lithuanian, and Polish-American children, mostly second-generation. The children are suppose to choose who is going to be Nazis, and who the Jews. Nobody wanted to be Jewish. The teacher had to pick the "victims." I understand from one of the boys that the roleplaying was conducted with unusual zest by the Lithtuanian and German boys.

I do believe it does trivialize and chill out the classical concept of the holocaust. I am waiting for the first toy company to come out with holocaust playsets and action figures. G.I. Joe figures of Commandant Höss, Dr. Mengele, and Kapo Man.

I have to laugh: I am a fairly-literate amateur historian who has read your magnus opus, "Hitler's War" for the second time, and for the second time I have found nothing wrong with it. I am trying to get it through my thick head that you can really be "demonized" in the USA and the UK for simply telling the truth and writing exceptional history. A line from Robert Bolt's famous play on More comes to mind:"Why Thomas, this isn't Spain, you know, its England!"

Whatever happens, the Goldhagens of this world cannot have the last word. They absolutely cannot inherit history and contaminate it with their lies and halftruths. To paraphrase a person of whom you have been somewhat critical, nothing matters but stopping these people.

God bless you for the good work you are doing and for writing the finest historical biographies avaliable.

Clint Willson

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