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Steve Wolk points out on Thursday, April 26, 2001



Dear Self-Inflicted . . . (Pt.2)


LipstadtYOU forgot the last paragraph of Mr. Mathis' letter. I am well aware of your reputation for being thorough so I thought you'd like to post it for the record. It is as follows:

In closing, I'd like to advise you to pull your head out of your posterior and take your lumps like a man. All this begging is getting downright sickening.

No thanks are necessary.

Steve Wolk





NO, I did not forget it, I deliberately edited it out as it was gratuitously offensive and lacked logic as well: Dr Mathis criticises my "begging" for legal funds as though Lipstadt financed the entire trial herself, and did not have to go crawling to her friends Spielberg, Bronfman, Foxman, and the World Jewish Congress for a six million dollar handout to flush all over the courtroom when the time came. She has three friends; I have thousands.

I did not want to have to say that -- but now, thanks to you, I have.

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