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Letters to David Irving on this Website







Unless correspondents ask us not to, this Website will post selected letters that it receives, and invite open debate.

Michael Deutsch of New Zealand is (Tuesday, August 3, 2004) among those who would discourage Mr Irving from visiting his country, and backs it up with threats



Underwhelmed, down under

YOU already know that the Jewish community of New Zealand is less than thrilled with your trip to New Zealand.

So why can I ask would you make the comment "The Jews have their knickers in a twist"?

You know very well that makes the situation worse and obviously have no respect for the Jewish people at all. You are not welcome in my country and I believe that freedom of speech entitles you to tell the truth -- and you mate are full of it.

There is enough authenticated footage of WWII to prove that what you are reporting are lies therefore you have no right to make your false viewpoints. The fact that New Zealand would be so stupid to give you entry to the country is pathetic.


Michael Deutsch also writes to another, ending with an unconcealed threat:

YOU are a low life piece of filth and you will eventually get what's coming to you. How dare you say Jews should hang their heads in shame - did I personally send the [Mossad] spies? And how would you know they have come to assassinate people?

You don't know what you are taking about and you are just as bad as Irving. I feel bad that you have wasted your time reading the trollop [sic. tripe? dollop?] he has wrote [sic]. I am more offended that he would not reply himself and instead get one of his moron cronies to reply and try to offend me further.

To answer your question yes, I am proud of myself. Proud that I would at least try to prevent scum such as yourself and Irving from entering my country. "This year in Jerusalem," the Passover story, also tells of the wise wicked and simple children and mentions that had the wicked child been in Egypt at the time he would not have been saved. Neither will any of your holocaust denying crew.

I have passed this on to the correct people and you will eventually get what is coming to you.

Michael Deutsch
Customer Solutions Rep


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worshipping hatred


HOW kind of you to write. I take it that you will have no objection to my posting your letter on my website, so that a wider audience can enjoy it, in line with our established and publicised policy of doing so.

I am not "anti-Jewish," but I am anti- the Jews who like you are bigots and have spent the last twenty years trying to crush me.

I guess that you would say that the family of that young American student peace activist Rachel Corrie are pretty anti-Jewish by now; and a lot of families in Jenin too. But then, the bulldozers that were run across their lives were less of a literary metaphor than those that have charged across mine.

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