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Posted Friday, October 8, 2004

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Stewart Donovan expresses uncontrolled glee, Friday, October 8, 2004, at what he sees as Mr Irving's misfortunes.

"Hitler's Typewriter"


An American scholar's glee

"IRVING has an extraordinary talent for digging up otherwise obscure Nazi sources. . . He does have a real knack of penetrating the 'mind' of Nazism." -- Professor Norman Stone in The New Statesman, August 18, 1989.

YOUR ability to penetrate the Nazi mind is not surprising since you are by your own words, thought, and actions a true Nazi. One can only wonder what tragedies befell you to reduce you to your present stae of being.

Your painfully embarassing attempts to legitimise your untenable status as an historian will consistently give the academic world more comedic material than a room full of Los Angeles scriptwriters.

I am, in the best spirit of Schadenfreude, delighted that you lost your infamous libel case but am saddened (but not surprised) that the experience has not made you critically re-examine or question your raison d'être.

I trust you live for many more years and continue to provide both me and the academic world with our daily ration of free entertainment.

Stewart Donovan
[no address supplied]


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