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Posted Sunday, February 22, 2004

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Letters to David Irving on this Website

Unless correspondents ask us not to, this Website will post selected letters that it receives and invite open debate.

Kelly Snowden can't believe that anybody can find the constant whining about the Holocaust is boring, Sunday, February 22, 2004. 

"Hitler's Typewriter"

You and the Holocaust (2)

YOU have received several letters lately, most recently from Mr. Kosher of Paradise, regarding Holocaust issues. Your response, which you have used for years, is that you find the Holocaust "boring." No substantive response to the questions posed in these letters is offered.

Come now, Mr. Irving! Surely you don't expect even your loyal readers to swallow that one! In addition to the multiple "dossiers" on your web site, you gleefully post letters from such luminaries as David Hebden and (recently) George Brennan, which purport to cast doubt on the "conformist" view of various aspects of the Holocaust.

You happily offer commentary and perspective on these letters, which clearly conform to the views you rather unsuccessfully attempted to justify in the Lipstadt trial. I have yet to see you respond to a revisionist-slanted letter with the "Holocaust is a bore" bromide. When a letter-writer challenges you views or asks pointed questions about your justifications for them, you retreat from the field, with that rather pathetic excuse as the only response.

Let me foreshadow your response to this letter: You will say that you have never written a single book on the Holocaust and have not researched it, as well as finding it boring. That simply won't do, I'm afraid. You cannot, with any credibility, comment as a purportedly learned historian on those articles, letters or materials that you view favorably and simply brush off those that you do not.

In your commentary to the article regarding your upcoming appearances in Denmark, you exclaim that you have "never yet buckled to threats of violence." Surely your courage can rise to the intellectual challenges posed by letters such as that of Mr. Kosher? I certainly hope so, as I would be curious to read your responses, as no doubt would your regular readers, as well.

Kelly Snowden



Our dossier on Auschwitz

David Irving responds:

SORRY, as I am no longer at school or college nobody can force me to take an interest in the Holocaust, under threat of detention, or drill, or some other such punishment; in my school it used to be The Cane, which has alas been abolished.
   I still find it boring, and nobody can induce me, either, to watch TV mind-slop about the Holocaust, or EastEnders, or Coronation Street for that matter. That is what the off-switch is for, and when the Holocaust comes up, I use it, along with millions of others in England; and billions around the world, I suspect. Boring, boring, boring.

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