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Unless correspondents ask us not to, this Website will post selected letters that it receives, and invite open debate.

Clint Swift thinks, Monday, May 3, 2004, that Professor Richard Evans is so cool, compared with the [expletive] Mr Irving



Prefers "Skunky" Evans to Mr Irving

IT disturbs be greatly that there are people out there like you that consider themselves historians. History is the pursuit of past truths and you have strayed from that enormously in your writings and speeches.

How can an obviously intelligent man like yourself claim the things that you do. I understand that you and I have ideological difference but the bottom line is that you lie to preserve yours. You claim on your web site that Prof. Richard ["Skunky"] Evans (right) pointed out only 19 mistakes in your work (then reduced to 12 by Judge Gray) however I have seen his report [David Irving, Hitler and Holocaust Denial] and they were blatant lies and fraudulent representations of documents.

I see that you are filled with hate and that you have destroyed your own reputation to spread that hate. I think about the great things you could have accomplished were you not so stubbornly committed to your ideologies.

Why do you choose to hate people who had never harmed you? Do you truly believe the lies you tell? I can (like anyone else) detect how intelligent you are from your writing so I have to believe that you know you are lying. How and why do you do it? Wouldn't it be easier to admit that you are wrong?!

I'm not that worried about your affect [sic] on the discipline of history. I know that the only people who believe your dribble [sic] are ignorant want-to-be Arians [sic] who have no real cause in life so they find meaning in your lies. As much as you rub off on these types of people they rub off on you.

Eventually you'll turn out a disgruntled old man with a swastika tattooed on your chest hating anyone who doesn't look like you. All I really wanted to say to you is that I hope you find something more productive to do with your life.

P.S. Tell al [sic] those Neo-Nazi, Racist pieces of shit to get a f*cking life!!!

Clint Swift



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