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Posted Saturday, April 16, 2005

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Andrew Ullman shares Deborah Lipstadt's obsession with human excrement, Saturday, April 16, 2005, and incites others to violence against Mr Irving

"Hitler's Typewriter"

Wat a whanker

YOU are full of shit, someone should wack you in the head with a baseball bat, maybe you'll be able to get things straight.


Andrew Ullman


David Irving responds:

I TAKE it that FU are the initials of some university attended by Mr Ullman. I have left his other spelling as it was. He appears to be as preoccupied with animal excrement as is the scholar Deborah Lipstadt, to judge from her many recent references to this same brown, can't-tell-it-from-butter, substance that seems to abound on the sidewalks of the Atlanta ghetto she infests. A psychiatrist will have to explain to us the reason for this obsession with faeces.

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