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Mike Munford comments, Thursday, August 2, 2007, on the growing number of Holocaust survivors.

Auschwitz survivorsPhoto right: Russians with liberated prisoners at Auschwitz in 1945  

A question about the statistics

A STATISTICAL point. Your link today says there are 240,000 holocaust survivors in Israel. Most of these were children during the War.

Assuming an average age of death of seventy-five, it seems likely that these 240,000 are only about one in five of those surviving the War and going to Israel.

They are what remains of 1.2 million survivors who found their way to Israel. The number to the USA and elsewhere was almost certainly far more. There are still a lot of Jews in Europe, particularly in Eastern Europe.

Perhaps not all the 240,000 were even born in 1945?? But they said it.

Mike Munford


David Irving answers:

"HOLOCAUST survivor" in compensation law is anybody who lived during the period in question within the geographical boundaries of Hitler's Reich, German occupied countries, and French North Africa. This is the definition given by the Simon Wiesenthal Center in Los Angeles. Residence in a concentration camp is not a requisite. Just anybody Jewish who lived in that vast region qualifies for cash handouts. This has necessarily diluted the scale of the payments.

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