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Monday, January 15, 2007

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Letters to David Irving on this Website

Unless correspondents ask us not to, this Website will post selected letters that it receives and invite open debate.

Richard Santana of Auckland, New Zealand, flails, November 2, 2006, at Leuchter, Zündel, and David Irving

"Hitler's Typewriter"

I have no time for you or your ilk

From the same correspondent: Richard Santana believes, Oct 2004, that Mr Irving wanted to make a killing from the Lipstadt trial

Gidday Irvo

IT'S been a while since we corresponded. In case your memory is failing you my towering intellect and superior wit were too much for you, and back in 2004 you blocked my emails from getting through to you.

Although I have no time for you or your ilk I am sorry to see you in the poky old boy; frankly it is better to let you fade into obscurity wallowing along in your pathetic faux intellectual pursuits rather than turn you into a cause celebre. Once again Professor Lipstadt is correct - at least where you are concerned.

At least there is no need for you to have your begging bowl out in order to raise $10,000 to fight a legal battle in NZ. As you have now been convicted of crime the Government has legitimate grounds for excluding you from the country.

It also saves you an airfare, so the savings are starting to add up. Personally I think it a shame, I was looking forward to coming to one of your meetings - so you have been spared some public humiliation - you see, good things do come in threes!

It is really funny that having read and analysed The Leuchter Report I had never seen the man in action. I watched "Mr Death" recently (you had a cameo role in the movie of course). I was expecting to be outraged, sickened, and angry - a whole raft of feelings that one would expect when seeing Holocaust Deniers in action. Oddly enough I actually felt upset.

In your own words you described Leuchter as a simple man, and you are right. What you neglected to mention was that Fred [Leuchter], like all of us, wants to be somebody. When Zündel went calling with his false flattery, throwing money freely around, Fred fell for the pitch hook, line and sinker.

At the end of the movie I felt quite upset for Fred and what has become of his life. However, the blame does not lie with people that he had not met (yet another thing that you got wrong!); rather you and Zündel both have a ruthless streak that will use anything and anybody to achieve what you want. Fred's downfall was that he took the stand and on the stand he proved not as knowledgeable about the mechanics of legal execution as he had held himself out to be (certainly where lethal gas is concerned). The business about wrongly describing himself as an engineer was just a sideshow.

worshiping hate

The Jewish community is adept at looking out for itself, and is able to defend itself against the likes of you and Zündel. You are both like the Biblical Pharaoh or Adolf Hitler/Schickelgruber -the latest in a long line of genocidal anti-Semites stretching back 3,000 years. Fred is not as lucky, and while he is gullible I think that the conduct of you and Zündel towards him is the moral equivalent of dirty old men luring a child into a car with the promise of an ice cream.

Maybe when you are next lying awake at night swigging on detergent you could quit praying for the 65,000 people who did not die at Dresden, and spare a thought for Fred, and all those others whose lives you have had a hand in destroying.

Feel free to respond old chum, if you think it worth the stamps to do so. My address is found at the top of the letter, it would be endlessly amusing to hear from you again. Behave yourself and I may send you a Hanukkah card.

Richard Santana

P O Box 105-856
Auckland, New Zealand

Up to their old tricks Jewish graves desecrated at Aldershot , Hampshire (UK) ("and so close to Global Holocaust Day")
Brian G. Hillman wags a gnarled old finger at Mr Irving Denying the cemetery culprits. We commented: Aldershot has a population of 90,987, one-tenth of one percent of which are Jewish (one-fifth of the UK national average......

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