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Sam Dickson gives us, Tuesday, December 9, 2008, more low-down on the Southern Poverty Law Center, Morris Dees' money-spinning scam to sucker the liberals

Not-so-poor Southern Poverty Center

Major exposure of "Southern Poverty Law Center" in Baltimore Sun, "The truth about 'hate crimes' and the racial justice racket" - Journalist soon looking for job?

THE reality of the liberal establishment's silliness and bankruptcy exceeds the power of imagination.

The Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) not long ago unblushingly announced that one of its stated purposes is "to prevent the mainstreaming" of ideas it and its followers dislike.

It accomplishes its avowed goal of strangling civic debate and the consideration of ideas through grotesque reductum ad absurdum "guilt by association" tactics that wildly exceed the establishment's caricatures of Senator Joseph McCarthy.

The truth is that McCarthy's much condemned tactic of guilt by association was actually both based in general upon the sensible argument that sensitive government jobs could be denied in good faith to people who had familial, political or personal connections with the Communist Party and its members and specifically involved rather carefully assembled statements of fact about the persons under scrutiny.

In contrast to McCarthy's fact specific and limited charges the SPLC attacks on people are full of normative, subjective statements to the effect that these people are "haters" or "linked" to groups the SPLC defines as "hate groups."

The alleged "links" include such remarkably laughable tactics as:

  • "Audience guilt-by-association" by which the SPLC will breathlessly make statements along the lines that "Sitting in the audience when David Irving spoke in Chicago were known former skinheads and neo-nazis."
  • "Geographic guilt by association" by which the SPLC informs us that someone comes from a geographic location that is "known for hate activity."

For instance, when Eric Rudolph was identified as the suspect for the bombing of an abortion clinic and a homosexual night club, the SPLC issued one of its "intelligence reports" which was solemnly reported in The Atlanta Journal Constitution. The SPLC revealed that Rudolph was "linked" to White supremacists and Holocaust deniers.

How was Rudolph "linked?"

By virtue of the FACT that he grew up in western North Carolina - a vicinity the SPLC said is known for hate activity stretching back some generations ago - and, more to the point, that the child Rudolph grew up in a town only twenty miles away from another town in which one Norm Davis (who we were told was a "Holocaust denier") once lived. (The fact of the matter is that Davis did in fact live about twenty miles away from little Eric but he died when Eric Rudolph was eleven years old! There was not and never has been any evidence that Davis and Rudolph ever had any contact at all.)

Imagine if you will that Senator McCarthy had ever done the following:

  • Announced publicly that his avowed purpose was to prevent people from considering liberal or socialist ideas;
  • Said that he could prove that Owen Lattimore was a Communist sympathizer because he had in his possession irrefutable proof that Lattimore had once given a speech and a Communist bought a ticket and sat in row 3 of the auditorium to hear what Lattimore had to say;
  • Cited as proof of Owen Lattimore's Communist sympathies the fact that he had been born in a town in Masssachusetts located only twenty miles away from another town in which a member of the Communist Party was known to have lived until his death when Lattimore was eleven years old.

Can you imagine how liberals would guffaw and giggle as they related this evidence of McCarthy's idiocy to each other and how liberal historians would fill history books with it?

But not with the SPLC and the crusaders against "racism" and "anti-semitism."

The silliest, craziest, more embarrassingly absurd carryings-on by the laughing-stock SPLC along these lines are given very respectful reporting by National Public Radio and mainstream liberal newspapers.

One has to cling to the hope that eventually the credibility of NPR and others of its ilk will collapse along with that of the SPLC.

Sam Dickson


Our dossier on the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC)
Major exposure of "Southern Poverty Law Center" in Baltimore Sun, "The truth about 'hate crimes' and the racial justice racket" - Journalist soon looking for job?

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