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Unless correspondents ask us not to, this Website will post selected letters that it receives, and invite open debate.

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Stanley Wertheim, who admits he is a Jew, asks on Monday, January 14, 2008 how anti-Semites survive?

How do anti-Semites make a living?

ALTHOUGH I am Jewish and a childhood refugee from Nazi Germany (I am still a passport holding German citizen), I faithfully read your Online Action Report. The radio tape of Julie and her parents is really hilarious. It could have come straight out of Philip Roth.

Anti-Semitism must indeed be a fun hobby. Hitler gave it a bad name, but that was in another country and in another time. Now it seems to be largely an internet phenomenon, providing mild amusement and occasional annoyance. American Jews hardly know that it still exists, the ADL notwithstanding, and in Europe it can hardly be more than a petty provocation.

Don't you find the company of the riffraff -- the David Dukes and the Ernst Zündels -- demeaning?

But what really puzzles me, and perhaps you will be good enough to respond to this question, is how in the world does a person manage to make a living as a professional anti-Semite? I suppose you have some income from your books, but that can hardly be sufficient. Who supports Duke, Zündel, Faurisson, and the others, except perhaps occasionally a prison system?


Stanley Wertheim

David Irving answers:

WE ALL receive secret cheques from grateful top Nazi generals living in Argentina, and occasionally from the no less grateful Board of Deputies of British Jews and the Anti-Defamation League, as without us they would have no reason to exist, and fall on very hard times indeed.

As for "anti-Semites"? Do you know any intelligent thinking person who can now fail to have become anti-Semitic, assuming he can read the newspapapers and watch television? The next of kin of those soldiers and civilians who have died in Iraq, on either side -- do you think they may now hold a grudge against the neo-cons and Jews? The parents of the late Rachel Corrie, may they have become anti-Semitic too? The villagers of southern Lebanon in the summer of 2006? The young German entrepreneurs who recently founded companies, and now find themselves penalised to pay huge corporate reparations for WW2 slave labour to various international bodies which are not exactly short of cash right now? The ordinary Americans who have suffered, or may yet suffer, because of the greed of Jonathan Pollard and one spy after another? Go figure: it will be an interesting exercise.

As for myself, I am not anti-Semitic, yet: but if your nice folks keep on trying, one day I may yet succumb to it.

Other readers comment:

D.M. Jackson writes: I find it very interesting that Mr Wertheim says: "the radio tape of Julie and her parents is really hilarious". I can think of a number of ways to describe these parents, but "really hilarious" isn't one of them.

One wonders whether Mr Wertheim would have extended the same chuckling indulgence if the tape had been one of (oh, let's say) German parents, who were screaming vile abuse down the telephone at their daughter, because they thought she was seeing a Jewish man? I suspect that Mr W. would - maybe just maybe - have suffered a sense of humour failure in that case... (And quite rightly too!)

It makes no difference whether a person is Jewish, German, English, or any other race under the sun - views like these are ugly and vile.

Unless, of course, the bigots in question happen to be Jews - then it's all a bit of hilarious fun, eh Mr Wertheim?


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