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Posted Wednesday, October 1, 2003

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Matthew R Cheek has more comments on the injection of multiculturalism into American TV programs



Multiculturalism nearly dictated faking of 9/11 statue too

IN addition to the comments made in Mr Hargus' letter about the "three face rule", might I remind readers that when the 9/11 memorial statue featuring New York firemen (that's firemen, not firefighters!) raising the US flag was planned, there were arguments that despite the three men who actually raised the flag being White (like the majority of the NY Fire Department), the statue should represent cultural diversity (i.e., there should be one Black person in it!) The fire department were reluctant to object, not wanting to be seen as racist, but I believe common sense (for once) prevailed.

Mr Hargus also says:

"You hardly ever see a pure Negro in an advertisement, a real black-as-a-tire Negro. No, what we see almost exclusively is the mocca-colored product of a Negroid/Caucasian mix. 'Get used to it. It's OK. Get inured to it.'"

This is true. MTV especially is full of Black music stars who aren't very black at all. It is also true that many music videos these days are shot using various camera tricks and colour filters, so that in terms of skin colour, all people look the same.

Matthew R Cheek


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