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Posted Thursday, Monday, September 29, 2003

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Stan Hargus of Louisiana tells us of the injection of multiculturalism into American TV programs



Multiculturalism madness: "Selling: the Negro"

I READ Ludovic Kennedy's naughty remarks. In the U.S. we have been undergoing a hard sell of Negroes for about ten years.

If one will comprehend with some detachment advertisements of all sorts, it seems that those for a majority of goods and services also carry as a sidecar a sales pitch for the acceptance of Negroes. They are now the most heavily advertised "product" in the U.S.

The hybridized Negro is the product which the "system" -- if I may use that word for the interlocking conspiracy of commercial, governmental and social engineers from whom we suffer -- is keenest to sell.

You hardly ever see a pure Negro in an advertisement, a real black-as-a-tire Negro. No, what we see almost exclusively is the mocca-colored product of a Negroid/Caucasian mix. "Get used to it. It's OK. Get inured to it."

It goes without saying that the masters of the entertainment business are now promoting the Black boy/White girl nexus with relentless energy.

In the U.S., we have some sort of "three-face rule." If there are three or more people in a TV shot, at least one must be Negro. Negroes are portrayed usually as judges, doctors, fighter pilots, wise men, wise women, as prudent, moderate, quiet, normal.

I call this "reverse stereotyping." If there is a goofball character in a commercial, he is White. The Negro character condescends to convey wisdom about which brand of soap is best to buy. On and on and on. . . I find it helps to laugh at it.

Once you can get people to wake up to what they are really being fed, I find that they too get a laugh out of it. And if one laughs at something like this, it has lost a lot of its punch.

Stan Hargus


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THIS is an important but hochbrisant topic, on which feelings run high, even if the electorate is never permitted to vote on it -- such are the vagaries of True Democracy. As such I shall allow the correspondence to continue here on my website, and will publish it at arm's length, while reserving the right to edit and monitor content severely in order to observe the normal decencies and stay within the laws of the land.

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