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Unless correspondents ask us not to, this Website will post selected letters that it receives, and invite open debate.

Donald Bady throws more light on the profound wisdom of "Skunky" Evans about World War Two, on February 2, 2008

David Irving sharing a joked with former Reich Minister Albert Speer over dinner at the Frankfurt Book Fair in 1979.

"Skunky" Evans and his grandma's unexploded bomb

THIS relates to the discussion about sabotage in the German munitions industry that we had during lunch at the Berkeley last May [2007].

Adam Tooze's book The Wages of Destruction was reviewed in the New York Review of Books by your unloved "Colleague" Richard J. Evans.

The review gave rise to a letter from a scientist, John Diebold, who commented on the impact of forced labour in armaments production. Saying that he had experience with German explosives made in 1939-1940 and then found that those produced from 1943 to be

"...typically weak or noneffective. This difference I ascribe either to intentional sabotage by the 'Jews and concentration camp inmates' or to the simple substituion of inert materials for active ones by munitions plant managers, presumably due to the conflict between production quotas and availablility of nitrates. Speer was apparently not above "production for production's sake" with a blind eye to quality control...".

Well, apart from this tidbit, Evans replies to Diebold "...No one can be sure how widespread sabotage by munitions workers was, but there is plenty of anecdotal evidence, including a story I can contribute myself. A German bomb fell through the roof of my wife's grandmother's house in the East End of London in 1943 and lodged, unexploded, in her bedroom wardrobe. When the bomb disposal unit opened it up, they found a note inside: "Don't worry, English" it said, "we're with you. Polish workers."

Small world - what do you think ?

Donald Bady
(an American munitions expert)


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David Irving

David Irving responds:

IF the highly-paid but of course entirely neutral "expert witness" in the Lipstadt Trial, Professor Richard J "Skunky" Evans (right), believes that British or German Feuerwerker (bomb-disposal crews) had the time or inclination during World War Two to "open up" UXBs then he is more of a fool and ignoramus than I gave him credit for. Besides, in 1943 most German bombers were on the eastern front, attacking Poland's traditional enemy, the Russians; certainly Wolfram von Richthofen's Eighth Air Corps and the Fourth Luftflotte were, and they were the Luftwaffe's main strike force. I do not recall any air raids on London of any significance between May 1941 and the Baby Blitz of January 1944. I do recall however that a Heinkel 111 crashed near us in the Bluebell Woods in Essex and my brother, who retrieved a pilot's boot from the wreckage, swore to me that it had been crewed by a Red Indian and a Cowboy; which I, no less gullible at three than todays's adult "Skunky" Evans, also believed.

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