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Tim Brodin writes on Tuesday, February 19, 2002 from New York



British justice in the wake of Prof. Evans "neutral evidence"


BRITISH justice in libel law was ill served with Mr. Justice Gray's over reliance on Professor Richard Evans's so-called independent expert testimony during your recent libel action against Penguin Books and Deborah Lipstadt.

The publishers of the UK edition of Lying about Hitler have well heeded the advice of their legal team on the defamatory and argumentative content of Evans's work and have not published a potentially libelous diatribe.

What surprises the rest of us is that Mr. Gray, a man with knowledge of law, and specifically libel law, failed to notice such aspects of Evans's sworn testimony during the trial. For the book in question is essentially the same material as that submitted by Evans to the High Court during the trial.

It must be highly embarrassing for Evans to have British publishers who refuse to print his work in the UK because of its defamatory malodorous nature.

Tim Brodin

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Irving David Irving replies:

 YES, and I shall repeatedly refer to this embarrassment for Evans, in times to come. Major British distributors have confirmed to me in writing that they will not handle his book because of its nature; one has a few days ago informed me that both Random House Inc., parent company of Basic Books, and Granta Ltd, the British firm who subsequently volunteered to take over publication of the book, have now announced in their online trade catalogues that plans to publish the Evans book in the U.K. have been cancelled.

I hope that some minor distributor is foolish enough to bring even a dozen copies of the U.S. edition into this kingdom, because then I can have at Professor Evans for his lies -- this time as a defendant. And he would have some pretty tricky questions coming at him.

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