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William C Carson writes on Monday, April 17, 2000



Some words on Lipstadt

Lipstadt wrote in her "…[The] growing assault on truth…"

"The bacillus of prejudice is exceedingly tenacious and truth [is]…fragile."

She seems to want to get at Mr Irving's backers (Sunday Times April 16).

Will these include those who bought his academic works: bodies like the library of Congress? University libraries and research libraries around the world -including the Wiener Library? And Emory University?

"An eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth" is not Lipstadt's or the British Board of Deputies style. Inflation has taken its toll. Its now "Two eye's for an eye, a mouthful of teeth for a tooth" Her language, for example, "bacillus" is very like that used by the Nazi's, with whom she has much in common.

Persecution for persecution sake; banish all Mr Irving's "backers" (to Siberia or Madagascar?). They sustained him! Well, perhaps the Palestinians should sue all the Jews who donated money to pay to keep Israel's army in the occupied lands of the Arab people.

Lipstadt is arguing this must be done in her lifetime, otherwise the job might not get done properly. Hmmm…


William C Carson

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