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Adrian Colmenares writes from Morelia in Mexico on Tuesday, August 13, 2002



"Skunk" Evans books bomb worldwide

I SEND you greetings from sunny Morelia, Mexico, cradle of freedom in our country. We are great admirers of you, as the only courageous voice in a sea of cowardice among academics and prostitutes of the pen.

RommelI have read most Hitler books, but no doubt yours is the best. I read and reread your La guerra de Hitler (Planeta, Barcelona and Buenos Aires) and a friend sent me The Trail of the Fox, Nuremberg, the Last Battle, Goering's biography and your translation of [Reinhard Gehlen's] "The Service"; Everything is packed with sources. Good for you!

GehlenOn the other hand,a friend in the USA let me know that there were a bunch of books of infamous Richard "Skunky" Evans "In defense of history" at $5.95 apiece, down from an original $25.95, in Barnes & Noble. Isn't that cute?

We have our domestic version of David Irving, journalist and historian Don Salvador Borrego E., whose book Derrota Mundial (World Defeat) runs far beyond the 40th printing.

According to Mr. Borrego, the most important thing in history is not the cold number of casualties, battles, and names of generals, but the meaning of an event and its aftermath.

Everything has its place in the big puzzle of history. God bless you and keep fighting the good battle!

Adrian Colmenares


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Irving David Irving replies:

VERY many thanks; I visited Morelia with my whole family in 1977 and stayed there -- one night. Nice to know Evans can't sell.

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