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"Samuel Crowell" of USA, writes Thursday, December 7, 2000



Those holes

There are three photos of "blocked Zyklon B vents" on the mentioned site. Two are circular, and might refer to the same hole, the third looks like an attempt to cut through the concrete, an attempt stymied by the rebar, afterwards it appears there was an attempt to cover it by repatching. The two circular holes have what appears to be wooden railing that can be seen nearby in the ceiling. This is not characteristic of any morgue or gas chamber ceiling.

All three of the holes are from inside Krema I at the Auschwitz base camp. The precise location of the holes in that structure is not given, but given the rails in the two round hole photos it should not be the "gas chamber" in that building. I remind you that there was filling in of holes in the oven room when Krema I was converted to a bomb shelter, and then extensive creation of other holes for the purposes of said conversion. (see Document 36, Bomb Shelters in Birkenau,

The round holes (or one hole in two photos) are evidently an attempt at a fill of some pipe holes of some kind, but the Zyklon B induction vents were supposed to be rectangular.

Another reason why it is unlikely that these are "gas induction ports", it that, after all, the Poles installed four of those in the Auschwitz I crematorium later, and indeed they are still there, in the roof of the "gas chamber."

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