Posted Friday, January 16, 2004

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Bruce C, of Melbourne, Australia, points out just how consistent "neutral expert witness" Richard Evans really was during the Lipstadt Trial



How consistent is Prof Richard "Skunky" Evans, the neutral expert at the Lipstadt Trial?

Richard EvansDear Mr Irving,

THIS was from Professor Richard Evans in an interview with Philip Adams in Australia, August 2002:

Well, yes, he knows an enormous amount about Hitler and his entourage and his immediate circle in the second world war and their conduct of military affairs, and over the years he's dug up through contacts and through sheer energy and diligence enormous amounts of new documentation of varying interest and importance, but some of it is undeniably important.

Now here's what your Norwegian correspondent A.T. wrote about the same Richard Evans, November 2003.

SHORTLY after the trial I had a seminar with Dr Evans in Cambridge, where I am writing my PhD. I was struck by the level of animosity, verging on hatred, the professor displayed against your person and research, claiming inter alia that the research that you had carried out was all 'worthless'.

The consistency of his message about you is astonishing! What has changed between when he said you had done "undeniably important" research and when he said that everything was "worthless"?

Just an observation.

[Name known to us, withheld at his request]



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