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Geraldine D of a New Zealand school asks on Wednesday, April 30, 2003 what is the aim of the Holocaust revisionists



What is the aim of Holocaust revisionists?

I AM doing a school project on holocaust revisionists. I would be most grateful if you could reply on the following subjects: The aim of holocaust revisionists and their purpose and your opinion on freedom of speech compared to legal action against "historical untruths."

I eagerly await your reply and thank you for your time.

Geraldine D.,
Southland Girls High School
New Zealand

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IrvingDavid Irving replies:

OH, Geraldine, those are very difficult questions. May I suggest that as a start you read or glance at my closing speech for the Lipstadt trial, in which my opinions are stated in full, and you will find them very useful. Then get back to me with questions, and I promise I will answer...

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