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Sam Gerrans writes on Saturday, December 9, 2000



The Lipstadt verdict

I ADMIRE you very much. I followed the Lipstadt case -- insofar as that was possible given the our press -- with great interest. I read your court diary today, and was struck by your dogged heroism, more particularly so at a time for your of great personal stress.

I also find it impossible not to be impressed by your even-handedness when dealing with people whom less disciplined men, such as myself, would simply come out and call cretins. I am struck too by the irony of the fact that, by your defence of history you are in fact making history.

I am aware not only of the immediate arena and context, but of also of what future generations will say. It seems to me that you are in danger of becoming a Copernicus.

Evans (right), Lipstadt and the rest of the those cronies will be gently mocked by classrooms of children not yet born, as their childlike perceptions strain in vain to comprehend how the manifest truth of your arguments could have been quelled.

It won't be for some while, perhaps. But one day. You have stood against the might of the mass of money and power and lies, and told your truth. You are a truly great man.

Anyway, those are my views. You are held in the highest esteem in my house, and I am squirreling away as much of your work as I can while it is still possible, so that my son should have access to it when he is older.

If you would enlighten me if you can spare the time, I would be most grateful: I would like to know whether there will be an appeal against Gray's "decision", and if so, when.

Respectfully yours,

Sam Gerrans


YES, the appeal is in the works; we have asked the Court of Appeal for permission to appeal (as Gray J. refused permission at the same time as he handed down his perverse Judgment), and Lord Justice Sedley has been contemplating this request for the last six months, an indication that he is deeply mired in the original trial and perhaps even reading through the transcripts. We have provided ample grounds for the appeal and you can read them on the Internet.

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