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Paul Grubach of Ohio , USA, writes Saturday, December 16, 2000 about rumours of a book that says "the holes" are there if you know where to look for them



Questions about sealed holes in the concrete

I HAVE heard that Chuck Provan sent his research on the alleged holes of the "gas chamber" of Krema II to the Auschwitz State Museum. Allegedly, the Auschwitz State Museum used this and is suppose to make a big announcement that they "found" the "holes" for the "introduction of Zyklon B into the gas chambers."

"The Rabbi" ProvanI don't know if this information if correct. Very briefly, what is your opinion of Provan's research on this matter?

Paul Grubach


WEBSITE PHOTO: Charles Provan at the Institute of Historical Review's May 2000 convention in California (Picture: CATHERINE WEEKS)


CHARLES Provan strikes me as a nice Christian guy, always anxious to please.

This sounds like just the break that Ronald Lauder and the Auschwitz museum authorities have been waiting for: They failed to find any trace of the holes themselves for fifty years, even at the height of the Lipstadt trial when the pressure was on; now along comes this nice family printer from a discarded iron town in a Pennsylvania valley, and he thinks he has found them. All their Hanukkahs have come at once. Not for nothing did they rule in 1998 that I was not to be allowed to set foot on the site (when the BBC wanted to film me at Krema II)!

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