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Alan Heath, an expert in Poland, of USA, writes Friday, December 8, 2000



Those holes

It is my opinion that the evidence of Professor van Pelt is not correct on the subject of the holes in the roof. There are holes which are perfectly visible and rectangular. Furthermore they could fit in with those in other places such as the chamber at Lublin airport which is virtually unknown and unvisited.

As I said in the USA [at our Real History function, Cincinnati 2000], I have been told off the record that tests were carried out on the furthest one from the main building and that it showed high levels of cyanide. Why the results have not been made public I do not know.

As you said to me, the best course of action would be to do some proper archaeological work and I can only agree -- provided that it was done in such a way as not to hurt the sensibilities of the victims' families.

Alan Heath

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