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John Hertz of Los Angeles, USA, writes Friday, February 2, 2001



Clowns in Gowns

ONE piece from the National Post Toronto, Canada, January 30, 2001, regarding the conference at the University of Toronto's Munk Centre, is very amusing. It's where Prof Richard Evans, it is reported, stated that at first [in David Irving -v- Deborah Lipstadt and Penguin Books] the London courtroom atmosphere seemed a little odd, because "the judge wore a wig and a kind of red dressing gown".

Though a Justice in a gown may look silly, Evans himself wears a similar scarlet gown at varsity ceremonies. Or does Evans wear his dressing gown (or pjs) to such ceremonies? In which case he would be a clown in a dressing gown.

Deborah Lipstadt did find her tongue, though she sounds much more sensible silent. Professor Christopher Browning sounded academic.

Good to see all the independent witnesses remaining snugly together with the defendants. One wonders what their reunion cost? And will it be an annual sinecure for them? And who actually pays for the jaunt?

Keep up the good fight,

John Hertz

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