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Wolf Rüdiger Hess, son of the famous martyr for peace, Rudolf Hess (49 years in jail), writes on January 29, 2000


 [German text]

Government Architect


Munich, 29. Januar 2000

HS A-987

I am following the trial in London with enormous interest, by means of the transcripts published on the Internet. When you compare these with the reports published in the press, it is totally incomprehensible how much the latter lie, and twist the truth, while trying to make out that you are a "pariah".

You're going to need much courage and persistance to bring the trial to a favourable conclusion. I'm hoping and praying you succeed. God knows, there's enough riding on it.

The attached article [not posted] was sent me by a Berlin friend. I'm sending it on to you at once, perhaps it will help. Mr "Benjamin Wilkormiski" (aka "Bruno Doesseker") is a typical example of the representatives of the Holocaust Industry.

All the best, and best wishes,

Wolf Rüdiger Hess


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