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Mike Hourston writes on Saturday, April 8, 2000



More support comes in worldwide

I MADE a point of reading in full the opening arguments and the closing statements. Your summation provided sufficient light on the issues, the only question that remains is whether people will be willing to use that light to see.

Obviously you have sacrificed more in this struggle than most, and it may appear to you at times your battle is singular. However, rest assured you have a lot of support worldwide.

Over the centuries proponents of truth have often found themselves the target of various tyrannies. I believe your public stand for what you believe is comparable to More's struggle with Henry VIII. Henry may have won a battle, but who is held in higher esteem today? So shall it be when your chapter is ultimately committed to history. The name of Irving will undoubtedly be held in higher regard than Lipstadt.

No matter what happens Tuesday [April 11] your sacrifices in this struggle have already paid dividends in terms of millions of better informed citizens, myself included. Perhaps history has determined that you should lead this phalanx, but be assured you have support behind you.


Mike Hourston

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