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Katelyn W, of a Sydney, Australia, high school, asks on Tuesday, July 15, 2003 about Holocaust revisionism



What are your views, and what is your background?

MY NAME is Katelyn W. and I am a Year Twelve student at -- High School, Sydney, Australia. I am currently in the process of completing a major work thesis concerning the historiography issue behind holocaust revisionism. It is not a work in which personal opinions are communicated, rather an objective work looking at 'both sides' of the argument and the way in which different historians come to different conclusions.

My work would be very much strengthened with input from both yourself and Ms Lipstadt, and so I was wondering if you would be willing to answer a few quick questions which I could quote you from in my final report (and if you had the time perhaps even read the final report?).

I understand that you must be incredibly busy but your feedback will be very valuable and I would be incredibly grateful.

Also, where is it possible to find some biographical information about yourself (i.e., background, education, etc.)? I can only find information that is severely biased to either one side or the other, and I very much require objective information for the purposes of this work.

Thankyou very much, and I hope to hear form you soon.

Katelyn W

Sydney, Australia


See a similar inquiry from Geraldine of New Zealand, April 2003

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David Irving, July 2003David Irving replies:

YOU WILL not be surprised to hear that you are not alone in your project, as thousands, if not millions of students have been set the same or a similar task; it all seems to have become rather organised, even orchestrated. I was very impressed at your command of words however, if I may say so without sounding condescending, and I will go the extra mile with you to assist you in getting the picture.

I do not think I can provide much more in initial correspondence than you will find in my website, which I have built single handed since 1998, largely with the aim of countering false images provided by the media about myself (particularly in Australia) and it now runs to about 5,500 files. So get a Coke, switch on the music low, and start browsing.

On my own person, I am a bit flummoxed, but perhaps have a look at [1] and [2] and follow the links from there. You will see I have a daughter at Brisbane. She just got married to a nice bloke from Down Under, and feel free to contact her through her website.

You will be baffled to hear that I have never written books or articles on the Holocaust. But to see what I have written about the fate of the Jews, have a look for example at my Goebbels biography (now out of print again but you can download the book free as a pdf file) and search for the word Jews, as an interesting exercise. Then decide, as another interesting exercise whether in your view I show any hatred of the Jews, or have concealed the Nazis' liquidation of them where it did happen. (Yes, that is why I called Mr Justice Gray's final adverse judgment against me "perverse" to the press).

I am constantly adding to the data on my website, about what really happened. See for example my dossier of interrogations on the men around Heinrich Himmler, chief of the SS, and you will find some very stark details indeed.

To get the feel of the Holocaust controversy and the Lipstadt trial, I would suggest you first read my trial diary (it is a pdf file) and then read our printed version of the final judgment because we have provided our version of it (which is of course not altered in any way) with illustrations and annotations which you may find useful.

If you are more closely interested in the "Holocaust controversy", have a look at the Auschwitz index on my website and perhaps have a look at the Introduction to my Hitler biography.

As for the famous Lipstadt ("Holocaust denial") Trial itself, you will find all you need at these addresses on my website: the "pleadings" are on my Lipstadt index.

As said, the judgment is at http://www.fpp.co.uk/judgment or download it direct as a pdf file.

There is an official html version of the judgment but you will find my print version easier to follow.

The daily transcripts of the actual court proceedings are sometimes quite interesting to follow (and you can of course paste snatches of the dialogue into your essay); they are on my website.

You may find our subsequent appeal pleadings of particular interest. We learned the negative result of our appeal on July 20, 2001: see the appeal judgment.

If you have specific questions, come back to me by email! or even phone (if you phone, first jog my over-weary memory as to what you are doing, as I will have forgotten by then.)

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