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Roger Katen of Emory University, Atlanta, writeson Saturday, April 8, 2000



A Student of Emory University Comments on the Lipstadt trial

I AM a medical student graduating from Emory University in 1 month and I am disturbed by your crucifixion by the american press. I have followed this trial since its inception after reading Mr. Guttenplan's article in Atlantic Monthly. I decided that I would make a hobby of reading the transcripts and keeping up with the trial to make up my own mind.

I have always been on the left of many issues so I expected to run across an arch conservative. I write you now because I read the Baltimore Sun article by Kenneth Lasson and it is an incredible distortion of the facts. I am also saddened that you again have been villified so much that you cannot exercise your right to free speech to the Oxford Union, even though Louis Farrakhan has been given that

courtesy. I wish you luck in your lawsuit.

Roger Katen

P.S. Deborah Lipstadt charging a fee for speaking at a Temple is absolutely disgusting.

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