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A S Marques of Portugal has done his homework on the legend of the "holes" in the roof of the Auschwitz gas-chamber



Those "holes" and the now-you-see-them (now you don't) trickery by the Nizkor humbuggers


VISITORS to your excellent website should carefully ponder the meaning of the holes in the Nizkor photos.

Samuel Crowell's letter on Daniel Keren's photos of "the holes" is quite accurate. What must be stressed is the fact that these photos of blocked vents in Krema I at the Auschwitz base camp [Stammlager] keep being passed for the sorely missed holes in the roof of Krema II at Birkenau -- and this is very telling. The present "hole" situation is emblematic of the whole intentional "Holocaust" imbroglio:

KREMA I at the base camp, as everybody now agrees, was converted from morgue-crematory to air-raid shelter; and this implied extensive modification, such as the elimination of inner walls and the blocking of pipe holes.

SINCE this conversion became impossible to deny, thanks to the efforts of revisionists such as Robert Faurisson, the traditional friends of superstitious humbug created a new school of thought that seems to claim that the first conversion was followed by a new conversion from air-raid shelter to homicidal gas chamber. They now seem to agree, when their backs are pressed not too hard against the wall, that the currently visible holes resulted from a post-war re-re-re-conversion -- one that should be represented thus:

  • morgue-crematory to air shelter ...
  • to homicidal gas chamber ...
  • to general camuflaging of the same in order to fool the Allies even though "witnesses" were left behind alive on the premises or marched out to other camps according to their preferences ...
  • to post-war reconstructed gas chamber with newly drilled holes to compensate for the very badly camouflaged blocked ones, even though the drillers didn't drill the blocked ones and instead decided to go for a brand new set of holes.

This is what they seem to mean by a "reconstructed gas chamber".

THE air-raid shelter character of this ex-crematorium at the Stammlager is indeed very obvious from its exernal aspect alone and the same can be said of the underground Krema II in Birkenau which was built with a reinforced concrete roof and a dual purpose in mind (morgue-crematory with a readily available possibility of conversion to gas-proof air shelter).

WHAT is missing from the current version of the "Holocaust" myth is the holes in this supposed slaughterhouse at Birkenau's Krema II in which building (according to exterminationist "experts") many hundreds of thousands were mass-murdered with Zyklon-B.

THE holes in Daniel Keren's photos are displayed on locations such as the Nizkor website and thoughout the Usenet, and are described simply as the "Auschwitz holes" as if any holes -- including holes in different buildings with no mention of their precise location -- would do, to satisfy the crying need for the missing holes on the largely intact roof of Krema II in Birkenau. Indeed any filled-up holes there should be just as easy to discern as the blocked-up vents in the Krema I/air-raid shelter are; but none exists and that puts an end to the story as long as any rational analysis of the facts is concerned.

THAT so few people pay any degree of attention to this fatal flaw in the official "Holocaust" story is telling in itself. That so many are ready to swallow uncritically the posting of location-less "hole photos" as a welcome relief for the holes in the story is even more telling.

A S Marques

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